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Anonymous asked: I just watched 4.22 and got so sad at the end I felt sick and couldn't finish my ice cream. Ice cream is supposed to be comfort food so that's really saying something. Now I don't wanna watch the final break cos the second time is no easier :( Plus the DVD version I watched skipped a bit where Michael & Sara are in the car.. They didn't show the bit where Sara said they'd talk about work, dinner and movies, then Michael said they'd talk about nursery schools. My life feels like a lie :(

aw man I THINK EVERYONE HERE UNDERSTANDS YOUR PAIN, maybe take a few days break and then try and watch The Final Break! Becca and I made the mistake of watching both 4x22 and The Final Break in one night and trust me it did not go down well

Ah damn that’s a shame, I didn’t realise that it must be one of those extra scene things. At least you can find gifs of it I guess :)

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Anonymous asked: I'm guessing that anon does mean the bit at the end of season 2 as Sara isn't even in season 3 x

yeahhh I’ll think it’s safe to assume that haha :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever made gifs of michael saying he shot the man sara did in season 3? If so could you please link me to them?:)

uhmm I’m not sure what you mean - do you mean the part in the season 2 after Sara shoots the guy and then Michael pretends to put a gun to her head and then sacrifices himself?

favorite romantic relationships (3/?)
- michael and sara (prison break)

The way Sara looks at Michael

Prison Break Meme + [1 Season]: Season 1

"I’m getting you out of here."
"That’s impossible."
"Not if you designed the place, it isn’t."