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"T-Bag thinks he’s a Worthy Opponent to Michael. Michael thinks T-Bag is annoying."

Believe me, I understand the impulse to pull the trigger.

But if we lose ourselves, we lose everything.

AU: Prison Break as a horror show

Prison Break — Pilot (S1E01) // Killing Your Number (S4E22)
NINE YEARS AGO [29/8/2005] — Prison Break S1E01: Pilot

Why can’t he understand that I need to finish this? Everything that happened, it all started with The Company. ~ Maybe not for Lincoln. Maybe for him, this all started with his baby brother breaking him out of prison.

Happy 9th Anniversary Prison Break! (August 29th 2005)

'…That's why you always felt guilty. Why you were always throwing yourself over the cliff after Lincoln was already dead at the bottom. It's why you went to prison and pissed your life away.'

Anonymous asked: you should start a michael/lincoln appreciation week would be awesome x'D

oooooo this is a good idea, but I think if we did an appreciation week it would probably be for the whole of Prison Break - I think it’d be best to make it as broad as possible, considering the fandom is so small on here! 

If you guys think a Prison Break Appreciation Week would be a fun idea (or if you would get involved with it), please let us know and we could consider organizing one some time :)