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Anonymous asked: I was wondering what season and episode the gif set of Michael and Sara in the airport is. The one you made when she says "don't get used to it"

that’s not an airport hehe - I believe it was the horse races, and it’s episode 4x06 :)

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Anonymous asked: hi there! :) can you make gifs of alex and michael's moments from season three and four please?

hello! I’m going to make this some time this week. Are there any specific scenes you want to be included? :)

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michael and his suit in 2x01/2x02.

GUYSSSSSS today it is the birthday of our wonderful Becca! Make sure you go and send her some birthday love!!!

Anonymous asked: could you make a Michael and Lincoln set to the lyrics life after you by Daughtry? think it fits so well with them <3

do you have a specific set of lyrics for this bc im having trouble fitting it to michael and lincoln

Anonymous asked: hi! i have a question. there are 4 seasons so that's 4 years, but how long were the events of the show? like, from fox river to on the run/utah to panama to the mission, how long was that, in their years?

here’s a really handy timeline of the events in prison break!

Anonymous asked: ah kk, must've must it, sorry bout that, so much on the dash :) oh no don't worry about how long its taking I understand you have lifes outside tumblr not to mention your own blogs and other requests and your own edits to make :)

thank you for understanding!

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Anonymous asked: Hello, was wondering did you get my request for Michael and Lincoln with the song by Daughtry? I asked this already but never got a reply so just trying again, never know with tumblr if you get the messages...

hellooo yes I think we posted the reply, so you must have missed it! :)

We tend to leave anon requests in our inbox until we can make them, because otherwise there is a risk of us forgetting about them!

It takes us a little while to get through all the requests sometimes but don’t worry, we will get round to it soon :) 

EDIT: it’s actually still in our inbox, we leave requests in there until we get them done, and since we’re both in school it takes us a little while to get through requests - becca

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