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Anonymous asked: can you make a bunch of michael icons?

you can see if there are any you like here or here

We can also try and post some more various michael icons some time during the week though :)

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Michael + hands in pockets

Have you guys heard Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is going to be on The Vampire Diaries? This is a still from her in 6x01!


Favorite Quotes:  Michael Scofield

Anonymous asked: Dominic and Wentworth are doing what together? ANYWAYS ARE U FUCKING KIDDING MEEEE OMG

It’s in an upcoming tv show called The Flash (I believe it’s a spin-off of the show Arrow?) just google search it, it’ll be easy to ifind :) It’s so exciting ahhhh BABIES 

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Anonymous asked: Any chance you have a gif of the tattoo set up, like a gif or pic of the wall and maybe Michael seeing the chick with tattoos and gets the idea. Thanks in advance, love the blog!!!

these things here might be what you’re looking for - the tattoo and the wall :)

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Anonymous asked: wentworth miller has a boyfriend?

I have no idea oops 

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Anonymous asked: Omg your blog is so beautiful and great and THERE'S ACTUALLY A PRISON BREAK BLOG THAT'S STILL ACTIVE! I love this blog <3

Thank you sweetie ahhh!<3 

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